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[S2E3] Ghosts

Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar return as Samantha and Jay, the living residents of the mansion. Reprising their roles as the resident ghosts are Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac, Richie Moriarty as Pete, Danielle Pinnock as Alberta, and Asher Grodman as Trevor. Román Zaragoza stars as Sasappis, Sheila Carrasco plays Flower, Rebecca Wisocky is Hetty, and Devan Chandler Long plays Thorfinn.

[S2E3] Ghosts


In the present day, Alison and Mike attempt to get their house ready for wedding bookings. The house itself is fine, but they are told by a wedding planner that their garden is a disaster and it must be fixed before one of his clients comes in that day to tour the house. Alison and Mike try to clean up the garden as best they can, but struggle due to pestering ghosts and the Captain's stubbornness. Some of the ghosts argue about what movie they're going to watch that night. Fanny finds herself attracted to Mike as he helps to clean up the garden.

The ghosts end their night watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. Fanny finds herself no longer attracted to Mike, and Alison and Mike toast with champagne to their first wedding booking. The Captain looks out of the window where he sees a memory of Lieutenant Havers walking towards the gate, saluting goodbye to the Captain. The Captain nods, and Lieutenant Havers leaves Button House.

Meanwhile, unsympathetic to Mike and Alison's plight, Thomas and Julian battle it out over how the ghosts will spend their evening, Lady Button is confused by urges she hasn't felt before, and an old friend of Kitty's reappears. Robin meanwhile has his beliefs thoroughly challenged.

Inside, Julian and Thomas argue over whose turn it is to choose the film for 'film club'. Pat suggests they put it to the vote, but not all of the ghosts are present. Elsewhere, Fanny becomes engrossed in the novel 'Lady Chatterly's Lover' after seeing Kitty reading it. Outside, the couple are preparing to clear the back garden, but Alison is interrupted by the ghosts. Pat offers to help Alison by keeping his ghostly companions at bay, so she and Mike can tidy up the garden. Alison sets up her laptop to play them a YouTube video about moon landings when the ghosts express interest in the moon, after hearing Mike comment that tidying up the garden to fit the marquee is like "putting a man on the moon". After Alison leaves, the Captain passes by and is informed by Pat that the couple are clearing the back garden. This makes the Captain become paranoid as he hurries to the garden to stop the couple.

The Captain tells Alison to not dig in a certain part of the garden, because something 'explosive' will come out if it gets exposed to the outside air. Alison reluctantly complies. Meanwhile, Fanny starts experiencing a conniption fit when she finds herself feeling attracted to Mike. Back inside, the YouTube video ends prompting Julian and Thomas to go back to their arguement about 'film club'. The ghosts disperses while Robin remains after becoming engrossed in a video about moon landing conspiracies. Outside, the couple have managed to clear up most of the garden which gives Alison motivation to succeed. They experience another problem when they find a female statue which Kitty recognises as 'Florence'. Pat apologises to Alison for being unable to keep the ghosts at bay, before deciding to settle Julian and Thomas's argument with a game of volleyball using Humphrey's head. Kitty forces Alison to play hide-and-seek with her, but Alison tricks her in order to continue working on the garden. Mary awkwardly joins in the game.

A while later, the couple are exhausted but they quickly regain their confidence since they successfully cleared most of the garden. Mike offers to get rid of the garden waste and they will use the remaining time to re-decorate the garden. The ghosts suddenly show up to confront Alison about their problems, only to be distracted when they see Mike setting fire to the garden waste. The sight of the fire terrifies Mary, causing her to scream and run away. The Captain yells at Alison to get back because there is a bomb where Mike has set the fire to. Alison manages to yell at Mike to get back on time, just as the Captain runs to cover it up. There is a huge explosion which creates a crater in the garden, and one of the stones knocks over Florence the statue (which the couple were trying to move).

The Captain reveals to Alison that there was a war at Button House. He and his second-in-command, Lieutenant Havers knew about a prototype limpet mine which they called 'Operation William'. He buried it in the back garden along with the blueprints in order to keep it a secret. Alison suddenly hears Martin returning with Claire and she frantically tells Mike to do whatever he can with the garden while she stalls their visitors. The Captain then tries to explain to the other ghosts about the limpet mine, but they leave and only Robin remains out of interest. Meanwhile, Alison gives Martin and Claire a double tour of Button House until Claire insists that she wants to see garden. Despite her initial worry, Alison, Martin and Claire go to the garden where they find it successfully transformed by Mike. This is just enough to impress Claire who exclaims that she loves it.

Later that evening, the ghosts prepare to hear Mary talk about her "witch trial", but she has clammed up about it due to the fire Mike had set in the garden. Pat then announces that because the volleyball game between Julian and Thomas ended in a draw, he has decided to choose the film for their 'film club', 2001: A Space Odyssey. Alison plays the film and while the ghosts watch, the couple celebrate their first wedding booking with champagne. Fanny also loses interest in Mike after seeing him eat sloppily, while Kitty reveals to Alison that she was not really fond of Florence the statue because she considers Alison a better friend. The episode ends with the Captain seeing the ghost of Lieutenant Havers leaving through the main gates of Button House.

Also, Pete changes his attitude after Sasappis criticizes his unceasing cheeriness, on the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, Oct. 13 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*. s02e03 203 2.03 s2e3

So, it is then when the people who called Reigen a conman for bringing them to a fake haunting site ask to hire him again since the place was really haunted and they want to exorcise the ghosts there.

Turns out the family of ghosts is rather peaceful, even with Dimple trying to turn them hostile. Mob being the only one who can hear them. He is stuck either he kills innocent ghosts or attacks the customer. But, luckily for Reigen he steps up and takes care of the customers.

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There were some heartfelt moments between the ghosts in the episode, too, which is honestly what makes the show so great. Alberta questioned Flower about her brother, and after they determined he was MIA and not KIA (killed in action) after he went off to the Vietnam War, they were able to locate him.

Sam was pretty confident that she could keep up the rouse as there was no way for the ghosts to actually figure out the truth, but the thing about lies is that they take on a life of their own. Plus, she may have slightly underestimated just how crafty the ghosts have become. 041b061a72


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