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Buy Metrogel For Bv

My symptoms all started a few years ago, at age 20, when I had several of these quite bothersome infections simultaneously and was prescribed a series of different medications by my OB/GYN to treat them. The prescriptions included an antibiotic for the UTI, difluchan (an anti-fungal) to rid the yeast and prevent any additional yeast from developing as a result of the antibiotic, and seven nights of vaginal metrogel for the bacterial vaginosis. After finishing the prescribed doses, my symptoms persisted; vaginal burning, itching, and bladder frequency, every second of every day. In fact, the symptoms were getting worse. I researched everything I could think of that could be related to my symptoms, unable to find anything related to the topic of pelvic pain or pelvic floor dysfunction. As I returned to my gynecologist in complete agony, she re-cultured and re-tested me, finding no result of further infection. The medications did their job, she said, ridding my body of the infections, however, the symptoms remained. This is when my mission to find out what was really going on began.

buy metrogel for bv



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