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Marsali practically glowed when she talked about being a mother. As a mother, I understood her heart full to bursting with love. But, I also felt the double-edged sword of motherhood she described. I understood the fear of what we cannot control and our need to protect our children that would allow us to sacrifice for them. Even as I felt pity for Claire and her inability to even acknowledge her own motherhood, I recognized the prophetic truth of her words. We cannot protect our children from everyone and everything. And, it seemed to me that women of that time must have felt even more helpless due to the lack of agency. Marsali seems happy with her role as homemaker and mother and that is great. However, I am completely aware of how her circumstances would change if she did not have a man in her life. Her choice in how she would earn a living and provide for her child would be limited. Without extended family she would most likely be destitute.

You have requested : The.Resident.S04E09.720p.M...

"I had been doing it for three or four years, the show has undergone many changes in terms of different people in charge, all of this stuff, and I just felt like the beginning of this season kind of felt like the end of an era with this show. And television is hard work, and you have to shoot a lot. I also missed Europe very much. I'm not American, so after a while I get quite homesick and all of those things. I also felt like we had achieved what needed to be achieved in the first few seasons, so I thought it was time to keep moving."[34]

I have only one worry about the outcome of this episode, and I worry because I've seen it happen all too many times on TNG, DS9, and Voyager: I worry that next week we may see no evidence of O'Brien's experience, despite the fact that this type of experience should noticeably change his personality. If O'Brien is walking around next week as if nothing has happened, I will not buy it, and I will not be pleased. Still, in such a case that would be a fault of the series in general, definitely not the fault of "Hard Time."

After being accidentally blinded by a stink bomb set up in Toby's garage by Alison and her friends, Jenna developed a hatred and grudge against all of them. Jenna seems to have been involved with the N.A.T. Club before Alison went missing. She was not sorry for Alison's passing and has continued to keep The Liars on her radar to assure they won't reveal her secret.

In Season 2, Jenna got an eye surgery and was fully able to see throughout the third season. However, going into Season 4, the operation proved to only have temporary effects as she began to lose her sight again. She used to date the popular jock Noel Kahn and used him to regain her popularity in school.

Jenna visits Emily in the hospital with her seeing eye dog, Shadow. She comes under the guise of being sympathetic to Emily's plight, bringing cookies to bed-ridden Emily. She knows that Toby's psychological profile is missing because the cops went looking for it and knows that the Liars have the file. She wants Emily to return the file to her, so that she can protect her secret of having forced her step-brother into a sexual relationship. Emily is open to fulfilling Jenna's request, as she feels partially responsible for Jenna's accident, something Jenna does not fail to mention repeatedly. When Jenna asks for the file after Emily is back at Rosewood High, Emily vaguely tells her that the file is gone, and Jenna is put off, being put in the position where she is forced to trust Emily. Later, she's sobbing on her stoop when Toby's mangled motorcycle is brought back.

Later, after discovering Jenna and Toby's relationship caught on tape, the girls realize what Jenna was seeking in hiring Caleb. They decide to approach her for answers. Jenna is very frightened, because she knows that she could easily go to jail for her crimes, so she seems genuinely contrite. She reveals that Alison indeed visited her in the hospital, but to threaten her to never tell anyone about her role in the prank or risk Alison's revealing the footage of Jenna sexually abusing her step-brother. Her supposed last words to Jenna were, "If you ever come back to Rosewood, I'll bury you". They feel her story explains why she would have spoken at Alison's memorial and attended her funeral, returning to Rosewood for Alison's burial instead. They are thus far satisfied by her story. However they did not know the extent of Jenna's deceptions and actions at that time.

The latest development is the possibility that Jenna will have a cornea replacement, which means that she may regain her vision at some point in the near future. Toby fills Spencer in on the details of the matter after she overhears Jenna discussing the possibility with a nurse at Rosewood Community Hospital.

Jenna teases the girls after the assembly, asserting that Alison could have used the lesson on bullying. Emily shoots the same accusation back at Jenna and snidely tells her to move her walking stick.

Veronica asks if Jenna reported this, when Caleb intervenes, saying that if Jenna did tell, then she would have to say that she threw the first punch. Caleb asks if they are supposed to tell the whole truth or just the part that they want to remember. Jenna says nothing, and Caleb makes sure to identify himself, in case Jenna is confused. Later that day, Jenna and Noel are in the music room when Aria walks in, Noel asks if Aria is looking for someone, and Aria says she's looking for Caleb. Noel and Jenna laugh, and say that Caleb better not come back there.

Her and Noel appear at his brother, Eric's, party. While Aria and Spencer are they play a game of "Truth". Her and Spencer face off and it leads up to Jenna asking Spencer where the video's are. Spencer she can have all the videos she wants when she reveals where Ali's body is.

Hanna sees Jenna talking to someone on the phone outside the Brew. To find out more about her intentions, Hanna goes to the Radley and discovers that Jenna has decided to stay for more time there for unknown reasons. Later, Jenna arrives at Alison's house, hoping to speak with Archer. However, Alison opens the door and tells her that "Elliott" doesn't live there anymore, but also that she needs to know why since she seems to have information about his private life. Jenna then begins to leave, saying that it was a mistake to come, but Alison replies that her mistake was trying to convince Archer that she was the one who killed Charlotte. Jenna then says that she must be confused due to her condition recently, and Alison screams that the next time she calls Archer, she can tell him to go to hell. Jenna calmly replies that maybe he is already there, before leaving.

Sara orders a drink at Radley's bar when Jenna arrives and they decide to have a drink together to talk about the liars. Later, at the Brew, Emily runs into Jenna and Sara who have gone shopping. Sara says that she knows Emily has resumed her studies at Hollis and Jenna comments that it must be good to go back to finish what she started. At the end of the episode, Jenna and Sara get a little more sympathetic over a few drinks. Noel Kahn joins them and asks if Jenna missed him. The latter then makes a toast, to old and new friends.

In a flashback, Jenna decides to visit Charlotte when she found out that she was in Welby. After becoming friends, Jenna asked an acquaintance to provide Archer Dunhill a false identity so he could be with Charlotte, pretending to be her doctor. Jenna was also helping Charlotte search for her biological mother, Mary Drake. During one of her visits, Charlotte told Jenna that Alison would be going to Welby the same day to meet "Elliott Rollins". She told her that Archer had to earn Alison's trust, since he was her only chance to get out of the mental hospital. She then adds that Archer knows absolutely everything about her past, but loves her anyway. Finally, Charlotte says that she is lucky to have Jenna with her. Back in the present, Jenna reminds Emily that Charlotte was murdered and that she and her friends were probably the last people who saw Archer before he disappeared, which could intrigue the police.

At the abandoned school for the blind, Jenna's voice comes through a speaker, and she tells the girls that she may have lost her sight, but that they are the ones who blinded her. The girls tell her that they have the USB drive and that they are ready to make the exchange and forget about what happened. Jenna tells them to put it on the table and the key disappears moments later. After that, Aria, Spencer, and Alison are in shock when they see Jenna walking through the house with a gun. When a bowling ball rolls down the stairs, the girls are yelling and they let Jenna know where they are, and then Jenna turns off the light in the building.

She then says that Noel Kahn killed Sara Harvey and who was going to kill her too. He told Jenna that some of the money Charlotte had left was intended to pay for a new operation for her eyes. Therefore, Noel recruited Jenna to find the money, but he was determined to keep it all to himself, because he was broke because his parents had cut it off. Jenna then says that Noel made her come to his old school for the blind to get rid of her. She would have brought the gun just to defend herself against it. However, all she had to say to Spencer and her friends was just to make it seem like she was Noel's friend, so she could get out alive. Marco then escorts Jenna to another room to take her statement, while Jenna begins to sob.

Jenna is now a teacher at Rosewood High School. She confronts Addison Derringer in the hallways and tells him to go to class. Addison wants to have fun of her by waving her hand in front of Jenna, but Jenna takes her hand and lets her know that she can't see anything of her but that she can smell a bitch from a mile away. As they pass down the hall, she tells Alison that she is surprised to think that she isn't the meanest girl she met.

Jenna is obsessed with Toby, whom she forced into a sexual relationship with her in the past. After Toby returned from juvie, Jenna seemed to still have feelings for him, since she got jealous everytime Emily, Spencer or any other girl was talking to him. 041b061a72


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