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On 8 March, another 54th Battalion convoy had departed for Pleiku at approximately 6:00. The convoy consisted of 79 task vehicles, four-gun jeeps and five-gun trucks. At approximately 8:30 the third gun truck of the first serial was hit with a claymore mine damaging the front tires. The explosion was followed by heavy small arms and automatic fire from both sides of the road. Three Quad .50s from the 4th Battalion, 60th Artillery travelling with the convoy joined by a company of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, which was in the area, encasing the enemy. The company commander of the 173rd was killed in the engagement. The enemy force attempted to repel the flanking action of the tactical security force but was driven back after 15 minutes of heavy contact. One gun truck and one task vehicle were damaged. Two US personnel were wounded, and one killed. One of the wounded was a driver and the other two were in the 173rd. The convoy was allowed to proceed after a twenty-minute delay. At approximately 9:15, two kilometers west of CP102, a task vehicle in the first serial hit a mine then small arms fire hit the cab of the disabled vehicle wounding the driver. B40 rockets then ignited the JP4 that the truck hauled. Small arms and automatic fire and rocket fire opened up on the convoy. The convoy security element fired in the direction of the enemy positions as the convoy maneuvered around the burning vehicle. Tactical security forces from the 173rd and the 4th ID arrived within five minutes and engaged the enemy. The enemy force of undetermined size established a kill zone of approximately 300-500 meters. Only one soldier was wounded with one truck damaged, and another destroyed. No enemy dead or wounded were recovered.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Free Vietnam Serial Key


At approximately 12:15, 14 August, a convoy under the control of 54th Battalion departed Qui Nhon on Route 19 for a line haul trip to Pleiku. The convoy consisted of 68 task vehicles, 7-gun trucks, five gun jeeps armed with M-60 machine guns, and one Quad .50 gun truck. At 3:45, as the first serial of the convoy proceeded west past an area approximately two miles west of Bridge 34, an enemy force dressed in ARVN Marine uniforms attacked the convoy with small arms and B-40 rocket fire. The enemy force was estimated at between a platoon and a company. Four-gun trucks, one Quad .50 gun truck and one gun jeep immediately returned fire within the estimated 3000 yard kill zone. A reaction force of six APCs and three helicopter gunships arrived within five minutes after contact. All task vehicles made it out of the kill zone. However, five f those vehicles suffered damage; and one of the five was heavily damaged. The convoy had four men wounded and one soldier from the 1/69th Armored Battalion was killed. The convoy commander reported 12 enemy troops hit by return fire. After the security forces swept the area of contact, they discovered four enemy dead. The five wounded US soldiers were medevacked to the 71st Medical Evacuation Hospital. Of these, two were treated and released.

On 23 February 1971, a convoy under the control of the 27th returning from Pleiku ran into an ambush at the top of An Khe Pass. An NVA company of about fifty initiated the ambush by disabling the gun tuck, Creeper, with a rocket. They blew out the tires of the gun truck. SGT McCatchin, NCOIC of the Creeper, called for help. Although immobile, the Creeper could still place suppressive fire on the enemy. The Playboys immediately responded to the call of contact and raced into the kill zone. One NVA soldier jumped up in the ditch to fire his B40 rocket at the cab of the Playboys. Walter Deeks stopped the gun truck, so the rocket passed overhead, while the crew killed the enemy soldier. The Playboys then proceeded into the kill zone. One 5,000-gallon fuel tanker had been hit and was leaking fuel on the road and another had jack-knifed in the road. It was abandoned by its driver. The convoy commander, a lieutenant, rode in the Playboys. He directed that the gun truck pulls right up next to the disabled fuel truck. The Playboys placed suppressive fire on the enemy preventing their escape consequently causing the fighting to last for nearly twenty minutes, which seemed like an eternity to those in it. Whenever there would be a lull in the fighting, more enemy soldiers would move to a better position and the fighting would intensify again. At great risk to himself, Grailin Weeks, NCOIC of the Playboys, climbed in the jack-knifed tractor and 5,000-gallon fuel tank then turned it around and drove it out of the kill zone. Because of the length of the fighting in this ambush, the convoy commander called the local armor force guarded the check points for support. They sent up a tank. The gun trucks of the 359th Transportation Company, Misfits, Brutus and The Untouchable, asked if they needed help and joined from the following convoy serial. The Brutus had stopped near an embankment. During the fighting, the mini gun on the Brutus jammed and Hector Diaz, NCOIC, and Chuck Hauser provided immediate maintenance on it. An NVA soldier stood up and lobbed a grenade into the Brutus. Larry Dahl immediately jumped onto the grenade saving the lives of his crew members. Wounded but conscious, Hauser called for Ron Mallory to get out of there. Ron Mallory then maneuvered the truck out of the kill zone and raced his gun truck to the next friendly checkpoint where a medevac waited for the wounded crew members. Grailin Weeks received the Silver Star Medal and the rest of the crew of the Playboys earned Bronze stars with V device. Larry Dahl was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. A new crew took over the Brutus. Dahl represented the dedication and closeness that the gun truck crew members had for each other.


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