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ResScan 3.11 64 Bit

64-bit Windows can run software written for Windows 3.x only through the use of an emulator such as DOSBox-X or DOSBox, or through the winevdm system described above. If you only want to run one Windows 3.x program, install winevdm. If you want to run a full Windows 3.11 system, this page provides an easy method for doing so.

ResScan 3.11 64 bit

This page provides a setup program that makes it easy to create a Windows 3.11 system that runs under DOSBox-X or DOSBox. The setup program does the installation for you, but you will need to provide a full set of Windows 3.1x or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 installation files, disks, or disk images, or a Windows 3.1x or Windows for Workgroups 3.11 installation CD (or CD image file),or an MSDN download of Windows for Workgroups 3.11. You may use the installation files or disks from any roman-alphabet version of Windows 3.11. (No product code is required when installing Windows 3.x.)

1. Find the Win31DOSBox\SETUP folder in the files that you extracted from the downloaded system setup archive. (I assume that you have Windows 3.11, but the installation should work with the earlier 3.1 version.)

2. Then copy any of the following into the Win31DOSBox\Setup folder, depending on how you obtained the Windows 3.11 installation files:

3. Run InstallWin31DOSBox.exe. If you copied an ISO or a set of IMG files, this installer program will extract the contents of those files and then install Windows 3.11.

I built this Windows 3.11 system by following the excellent guide provided by Dominus on the site. (I also got some ideas froman earlier, similar system.)

If you have 64-bit Windows, this system (by default) uses DOSBox-X, not the original DOSBox. With DOSBox-X, you can improve integration between the guest and host system by installing a special mouse driver that does not require you to click in the Windows 3.11 window when returning to it, and does not require you to use Ctrl-Alt-F10 to release the mouse from the Windows 3.11 window. To install this, perform the following steps:

If you experience any problems with this system, try this:Shut down Windows 3.11 if it is running. Go to the DOSBox folder in the folder for the system; rename DOSBox-X.exe to any other name. Again run Win31DOSBox.exe. The system will now use an older version of DOSBox instead of the more recent DOSBox-X. You may or may not find this older version more reliable.

To open a document file from the host system in the default Windows 3.11 application for that file (for example, to open a .WRI file in Windows 3.11 Write.exe), drop the file on the Win31DOSBox.exe icon. If all goes well, Windows 3.11 will open, and the file will open automatically in its default application. When you close the file, Windows 3.11 will automatically exit. (In Windows 3.11, the folder containing the document will be visible as drive Y:.)

To "map" a single folder in the host system to a drive letter in Win31, drop a folder from the host Windows Explorer on the Win31DOSBox.exe icon. The folder will be visible in Windows 3.11 as driveY:.

If your program requires SHARE.EXE (e.g. Microsoft Word 6.x), then proceed with caution, because these instructions are not designed for use with database applications! They will only work with applications like word-processors and spreadsheets. First, be certain that you have installed Windows for Workgroups 3.11, not plain Windows 3.1x. Edit the dosbox.conf file in the Win31DOSBox\DOSBox folder, and remove the "rem" comment from the line near the end that reads "rem fakeshar". This will cause a program to be launched that can, in some cases, fool Windows into acting as if SHARE.EXE were running, even though the actual sharing features will not be available. This trick should allow you to install Word 6.0c (and possibly other Microsoft Office applications, though I have not tested these). (Not tested with earlier versions than Word 6.0c!!!)

V9.3.11.0 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (18th March 2020)New: New variables %CRLF%, %CR% and %LF%Updated: New help file compiler version, but no difference should be seen in help fileFixed: Use of SITE command with WeOnlyDo FTP was causing unexpected termination of SyncBackFixed: Will now correctly use SITE UTIME to set file modification date and time when using Eldos FTP

Windows 3.11 was release in 1993, well before the full hardware set in Virtual PC had been created. In order to find basic functionality, you will need to install a few drivers to make the most from the system.

In order to make proper use of the Networking Layer under Windows 3.11, it is recommender that you first install the MS-DOS Virtual PC additions. If you wish to setup your configuration manually, driver downloads for the Network cards under MS-DOS have been provided in addition to the Windows drivers below.If you wish to connect to a TCP/IP network, a link to the Microsoft 32-bit TCP/IP Stack for Windows 3.11 can be found below.


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