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Miscarriage Mod Sims 4

your sims can use any item to induce or terminate the pregnancy. for instance, they can use items like morning after pills, pregnancy pill, pregnancy pill, baby's wake-up hug, baby's wake-up hug, morning after pills, dream pill, dream pill, pregnancy pill, pregnancy pill, preterm pregnancy pill, preterm pregnancy pill, pregnancy pill, pregnancy pill, and miscarriage induction kit. these items can be found in the game's store.

Miscarriage Mod Sims 4

we strongly believe that the sims 4 should be a reflection of the world and its people. it should reflect the way people live their lives. we also believe that being a part of the sims world is liberating and empowering. we wish to create a world where people don't feel they are being judged for choices and decisions that they have made. this is why abortion is not in the sims 4. the sims 4 is a reflection of our morals and values.

for sims who are not pregnant, and therefore have no concerns about getting pregnant, it is advised that they use the pregnancy pill. the pregnancy pill can be found in the pack that contains the items for sims who are pregnant. it also comes in a pregnancy pack if you wish to get pregnant and put it on a pregnant sim to induce the miscarriage.

the default behaviour for sims is to choose to be pregnant and ignore the pregnancy. the sims 4 miscarriage mod replaces the abortion option with miscarriage. this means that sims have to face the harsh reality of miscarrying. the creative ability of sims is about letting them realize their dream and not letting their fear or distress get in the way of this. this is why in the sims 4, you can create a sim who chooses to remain pregnant rather than terminate the pregnancy. you can even do it with multiple births.


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