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The Princess And The QueenHouse Of The Dragon :...

Rhaenyra never regains power, and she is ultimately betrayed, turned over to Aegon, and killed by his dragon Sunfyre. Following her death, Aegon, now back on the throne, insists that all documents refer to her only as a princess, never as a queen. History is written by the winners, as they say, so Rhaenyra is not counted as an "official" queen of Westeros.

The Princess and the QueenHouse of the Dragon :...

The heart of House of the Dragon lies with Rhaenyra, the rebellious crown princess and dragonrider. Though she's expected to raise heirs rather than be one, she's also a growing tactician who has her own ambition for the throne. When her father breaks centuries of tradition and names her as heir, it precedes a clash for the crown that sets off a Targaryen civil war.

King Viserys' cousin Rhaenys is a Targaryen princess and dragonrider, who married Lord Corlys and has two children with him, Laena and Laenor. She was a contender for the crown following King Jaehaerys' death, and had a stronger claim than Viserys, but since she was a woman she was passed over. She's now known as "the Queen Who Never Was," though her son Laenor can be a serious contender for the throne following Viserys' death. 041b061a72


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